"G" Wizz Expressions
"G" Wizz Expressions has a full line of headbands. There are the glitter headbands that can be ordered two different ways. The first glitter headbands are made to look like a scarf. They have elastic on the bottom so they will fit many head sizes. They won't slide like a scarf does making for all day style The second way is just as a headband with elastic, no scarf tail. These both come in Green Glitter, Pink Glitter, Gold Glitter, Bronz Glitter and Silver Glitter. These headbands also come in Sheer Pink with spots of Glitter and Green with Peacock Feathers in Glitter. For the Winter we also have some Sheer Purple Headbands with Glitter Snowflakes and some Winter White Headbands Shaped like Snowflakes.

"G" Wizz Expressions also has a line of Flower Hair Clips. These clips come in many different sizes and colors. There is the large Flower which is about 6" around. This Hair Clip comes in every color imaginable. We have Pink Flower Hair clips, Teal Flower Hair Clips, White Flower Hair Clips, Yellow Flower Hair Clips, Orange Flower Hair Clips, Purple Flower Hair Clips, Lavender Flower Hair Clips, Red Flower Hair Clips, Fushia Flower Hair Clips, Zebra Flower Hair Clips and Winter White Flower Hair Clips. These Flower Hair Clips have a clear gem in the center and the colors can  be mixed and matched. Currently our hottest selling item is the Zebra and Fushia colored Flower Hair Clip.   We also have a Flower Hair Clip that is about 3" around. This comes in Yellow, White, Orange, Light Pink
Welcome to "G" Wizz Expxressions

This company was started so women everywhere could have their own individual style. I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages and finding that perfect Hair accessory to express yourself. Since starting the company I have added items for infants, something I said I would never do but... life happens and my granddaughters wanted to express themselves too.

So Hey lets take a look shall we......


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